The Mouse X-22 is a clamp developed to provide users with a lightweight,versatile,immediate and intuitive machine.

It allows to access to the U-profile sheet metal and, thanks to its geometrical shape, is ideal for clinching on the corners.

The clamp Mouse X-22 is available on 3 different settings with handle in frontal, superior or anterior position.

This allows it to adapt to different working situations.

It can be supplied with both round and trapezoidal tool kits depending on the customer needs.

The Mouse X-22 can be employed for total sheet metal thiknesses until 1,6 mm.


Technical description

* Weight of the clamp (including handle): 2,3 kg

* Total weight together with Booster: 10,6 kg

* Max air pressure: 4 bar

* Max hydraulic pressure: 240 bar

* Thrust: 20 kN

* Cycle time: 0,8 s

* Max total sheet thikness mild steel: 1,6 mm

* Max total sheet thikness stainless steel: 1,2 mm



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