The CB500 is a static machine with a wide opening of the throat meaning the height and depth able to perform the clinching points on the pieces of large dimensions.

It is equipped with multiplier of the air pressure and therefore is of pneumatic supply.

The opening of the clamp and working cycle are controlled by a pneumatic pedal.

The CB500 is able to perform both round and trapezoidal clinching points with a thrust of 45 kN at pressure of 6 bars.


Technical description

* Weight of the clamp (including the support) – 300 kg

* Total weight together with booster – 300 kg

* Max air pressure – 6 bar

* Max hydraulic pressure – 360 bar

* Thrust – 45 kN

* Cycle time – 0.8 s

* Max total sheet thickness mild steel – 4 mm

* Max total sheet thickness stainless steel – 3 mm




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